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Sharon Sidaway’s School of Motoring offer a variety of driver training courses which include new and refresher driver training, Pass Plus and Fleet training. Sharon also offers the BTEC in Driving Science which can be taught alongside your driving lessons and is the equivalent to a GCSE. Sharon’s driver training courses are also suited to existing drivers who wish to boost their confidence and driving skills on motorways.

Whichever course you are looking for, Sharon Sidaway’s School of Motoring will ensure that you receive a very high standard of support and tuition from an Approved Driving Instructor to guarantee your success.

Sharon teaches her pupils in a Renault Clio.

Learning to Drive

Sharon Sidaway is an Approved Driving Instructor, she is qualified to teach her pupils how to drive on a professional level and is approved and registered by the DSA.

Learning to drive can be difficult and at times pupils may become nervous and frustrated. However these feelings can easily be overcome within the first few lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor who has the experience and expertise to ensure that every lesson is comfortable, enjoyable and rewarding. Unfortunately, there are numerous driving instructors who are not fully qualified; their methods are poor and do not meet the high standards required by the DSA, this lack of expertise can often lead to pupils feeling uneasy and anxious about what they should in fact be doing if the techniques are not accurately explained to them.

In order to check whether a driving instructor is fully qualified you can ask to see their certificate of registration. A fully qualified instructor’s certificate will present a green octagon, whereas a trainee instructor‘s certificate shall present a pink triangle.

The Process of Learning to Drive

When pupils first begin to drive the question they are most likely to ask is: “How many lessons do I need before I will be ready to take my test?” This is a difficult question to answer as every individual works at their own pace, for instance a pupil could pick things up particularly quickly but they could spend up to four or five lessons learning how to perfect their reverse parking. Therefore the question cannot easily be answered; furthermore, some pupils are able to gain driving experience out of professional tuition (with their parents for instance) which will give them the opportunity to practice their driving skills, and gain more confidence on the roads.

An Approved Driving Instructor will ensure that each individual is fully prepared before they apply to take both their theory and practical test.

Fulfilling the Needs of Each Individual

Sharon Sidaway’s School of Motoring ensures that each and every pupil receives the right amount of support, tuition and guidance to make learning to drive an enjoyable experience. Sharon offers a friendly approach to learning to drive and understands that pupils learn from their mistakes, therefore she believes that making her pupil’s feel at ease and comfortable is essential to their development as a learner driver.

Pass Plus

Sharon Sidaway’s School of Motoring offer pupils who have already passed their test the opportunity to improve their driving skills and confidence with the Pass Plus course. The Pass Plus course has been designed to give pupils more experience within a range of differing driving conditions. The course contains a minimum of six hours worth of driving and is constructed in six modules which include the following:

There is no test at the end of your lessons for the Pass Plus, instead the instructor will observe and assess your skills throughout your lessons whilst advising you how to best tackle particular driving conditions and situations. Ultimately, at the end of the Pass Plus course you should be equipped with the knowledge and skill to be a safer and more confident driver.

Upon completion of the course you shall receive a certificate from the DSA to say you have undertaken the Pass Plus course. Furthermore, Pass Plus is a recognised course by many car insurance companies who will offer you a discount on your car insurance if you hold a valid certificate.

Sharon currently charges £150 (with a minimum of six hours driving)

BTEC Driving Science

The BTEC qualification in Driving Science is a new qualification which Sharon Sidaway obtained during her course with a2om in August 2008, accredited by Edexcel the qualification is equivalent to a GCSE. Sharon is now qualified to teach the BTEC in Driving Science, the course is broken up into five different modules which include the following:

If you are interested in this course, or you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Sharon via the online contact form.

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